More than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and selling knitwear.

Géneros de punto Samo has been making knitwear for men for more than 50 years. Jerseys made with the latest technology and marketed under the brands Brown Jury, Hoot and Snep.

Quality is our priority

The raw materials used in our products are natural fibers such as wool, cotton, alpaca, linen and viscose. We work our men’s garments in different types of fabrics and thicknesses, as well as being designed for all types of public.

Knitwear all year round, winter and summer collection.

Each season, Samo has designers who develop the different collections of the season. In addition, we have a collection of classic garments under our flagship brand, Brown jury, made in 50% wool – 50% acrylic; available all year round. The jerseys of all life, with the quality and guarantee of Brown Jury.

Present in all the National territory.

Brown Jury has a high level of national market penetration. We are very proud that our symbol is equally recognized in the south as in the north of Spain. By 2014 one of the main objectives of the company will be to expand our activity to the international market.

Looking to the future, the company’s main objective is to continue the development of our Brown Jury brand, both inside and outside Spain.

It is our way of paying tribute to our founder and all those who have trusted us.